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Recreation on beehive benches

To the attention of visitors!

The efficiency of the health improvement in cabins with beehive benches depends on duration of stay therein. In order to get the health improving effect it is recommended to lie on bench within no less than 2 hours. Staying over night in the cabin shall provide significantly stronger effect.

Since olden times it was noticed that the bee has the positive effect on the people. The atmosphere created within the apiary is a natural oasis with positive energy properties standing standing for recreation and health improvement. But the effect of the usage of beehive (several attached beehives) in the form of bedstead with top-out shall be much higher for the people. Lying in the spring on the top-out bench of beehive bedstead above the bees, the people should take the bees’ heat being produced by them for heating of brood (35° С).

The brood being heated by bees is bioenergetically active, it helps to balance and recover the operation of all people organs due to the biophysical unity with nature, thus improving the working capacity of the people and giving the rise of thereof feelings of ease and freshness.

Recreation on benches

In the time of great nectar flow and it shrinkage to the condition of honey, the bees evaporate to the air a lot of phytoncides being mono aromas and complicated flower based compounds that saturate the blood with phytovitamins and stimulate cardiac performance of the people. The strong buzzing in the time of the moisture evaporation from out the combs is being accompanied by microvibrations recovering the body of people, making thereof vessels flexible, stimulating the kidneys performance, cleaning the urogenital tract, and removing the pains in back, muscles and joints.

The beehive’s environment is saturated with biologically active substances of propolis, having antimicrobic properties. Such natural antiseptic agent selectively acts on the microorganisms inside the people’s body: harmful ones are being neutralized, while the wholesome – are being saved; and as well it promotes the metabolism normalization.

Propolis is the balsam made of different trees and herbs. It acts as the antiseptic agent with high antimicrobic effect, treats the respiratory tracts and improves the lungs performance. Bees’ comprehensive, smooth and healing effect pointed at self-recovery and self-adjustment of the organism, immunity and biophysical links improvement being combined with psycho-emotional balance provides the ease, vivacity, freshness and youth of the people. All above is confirmed by the history of longevity.

The possibility of recreation, eco-tourism and health improvement on beehives from mid spring to mid autumn is considered to be highly prospective for the people’s health. Usage of the pollen, royal jelly, honey and based on them products in combination with ecology and esthetical communication with nature shall make the recreation at the apiary as the most wholesome and pleasant for the people.

Price of recreation on beehive benches

1 hour in single cabin — UAH 100.00
1 hour in double cabin (one person in cabin) — UAH 170.00
1 hour in double cabin (two persons in cabin) — UAH 200.00.

1 night in single cabin — UAH 500.00
1 night in double cabin (one person in cabin) — UAH 850.00
1 night in double cabin (two persons in cabin) — UAH 1,000.00.

Discount for 10 day course — 20%.