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One of the most valuable products is the cerago — the product obtained due to the processing of the pollen by bees. The latter is being gathered by the bees from the plants flowers, brought to the beehive and placed into the combs. Then, under effect of complicated biochemical processes and with direct participation of the bees, the pollen is being preserved with following transformation into pollen pellets, which significantly excels the pollen by its medical qualities and biochemical composition.

The beebread – another name of the cerago– plays a significant role in the life of bees. It is required for normal physiological processes progress, is the indispensable source of the amino acids and vitamins. Moreover the beebread contains all indispensable amino acids required also for the organism of people, lipoids and a lot of vitamins: of А, Е, С and В group. The beebread contains a lot of mineral substances, such as potassium, phosphor, magnesium, etc. Also it contains the unique complex of albumins, carbohydrates, fats, mineral salts, enzymes, phytohormones and natural antibiotics. All of them are balanced and organically interlinked, thus giving the explanation of its high healing effect.

The beebread shall be used in 0.5-1 teaspoon portions 1-2 times a day, in 20 minutes prior to take meal. It is recommended to use it on an empty stomach and before sleeping at the night by slow sucking and taking no any drinks after it.

The beebread is used for treatment of the wide range of diseases— anemia, cardiac insufficiency, infarctions, strokes, hepatitises, gastric ulcers, gastritises, male sterility, pregnant pathologies and female disorders. The beebread restores cerebral circulation after cerebral injuries and strokes; resolves benign tumors (myoma, fibroma). The beebread is frequently used to improve the organism’s immunity of both: children and adults!

The cerago is a preventive mean for avoiding of the infectious diseases, makes a positive effect on cardiovascular system.

ЗAs to the microbiologic content, the beebread has no any analogues — it restores the digestion and treats dysbacteriosis within the short time.

The beebread promotes the formation of the new cells in organism, i.e. complete organism rejuvenation, and rapid healing of the wounds and injuries.