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Royal jelly

The preparation is known to be effective in cases of some infertility and impotency types. Rather good results are indicated when it has been used in the time of exhaustion during post-surgical period, after radiation therapy courses, acute myocardial infarction and infectious diseases.

Western name is ‘royal jelly’. Fresh honey bee secretion looks like creamy white fluid of sour cream consistency with sourish and pungent taste. It is produced by the young bees themselves and used for larvae feeding. Also it is used for feeding of the queen bee. According to the aforesaid diet, the queen bee lives up to 5 -6 years, while the working bee not using the royal jelly lives only 30 – 40 days; maximum – up to 7 months (in winter).

The bees produce the royal jelly only when eat pollen. The royal jelly has more concentrated wholesome substances than the pollen. The royal jelly is considered to be the concentrated concentrate! It contains all 10 indispensable amino acids and also the biologically active substances: acetylcholine, choline esterase, vitamins В1, В2, В3, В6, В12, С, Н, РР and Е, folic acid, biotin, etc. Moreover, the royal jelly contains the spread complex of microelements, such as: iron, manganese, zinc, cobalt and others. Such a product is the most powerful biostimulant. Due to optimally balanced combination of the microelements it possesses different pharmacological qualities. All primary substances required for living organism construction and further existence have been found just in its content.


The royal jelly has biological influence upon the people’s organism in different way. It has positive effect on metabolism, stimulates central nervous system, reduces the cholesterol level in blood, and has an anti-atherosclerotic effect. Being used in small portions it reduces, while in large dozes – increases arterial pressure. The royal jelly combined with the honey is considered to be effective in the time of climacterium; also it improves vitality and promotes the improvement of eyesight.

The royal jelly is also prescribed for comprehensive treatment of the following diseases: joint ailment, neurosis, bronchial asthma, anemia, hepatitises, gastrointestinal tract and some cutaneous diseases. Also it is considered to be effective for nursing mothers and as well for children with arrested mental or physical development. The usage of preparation improves physical and mental working capacity. The royal jelly is especially prescribed for people of advanced age and patients with premature aging signs.