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Drinkable Honey ‘Chudodiievka’

The drinkable honey ‘Chudodiievka’ — is the drink produced on the basis of fruit juices added by the honey. The mead drink is classified as mid-alcoholic beverage.
The foundations of mead brewing traditions were laid as long ago as in the times of Kyiv Rus where the mead had been considered to be the highly valuable product. It was also brewed on monastic lands and brought as tribute to the churches.

Drinkable Honey ‘Chudodiievka’

The process of drinkable honey ‘Chudodiievka’ production provides for preservation of the valuable qualities of thereof natural components. Among them are the following: pollen, hops cones, spicery, roots, berries and fruits.

The process of mead beverage making includes the natural bee honey dissolution in the water, adding of the other components to the solution according to receipt, fermentation of ready wort, it keeping to mature, removal upon depositing, pasteurization, filtration, blending and bottling. The process of mead beverage ripening takes place in specially designed oak tuns.

The drinkable honey ‘Chudodiievka’ – is a great tonic. Having visited a ‘Beeland’ you can enjoy its marvelously palatable flavor. The mead shall be served up in traditional Ukrainian utensil – the crock (aka ‘Kumanets’).

Price of drinkable honey ‘Chudodiievka’:

0.5 l — UAH 80.00