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It is necessary to know!

Any bee keeping product, in particular the honey, is actively digested and interacts only with saliva.

Should you simply swallow the product and even more, drink the water after it, you shall definitely waste the salubrious substance. It shall be only digested by enzymes in stomach and assimilated as caloric food.

ЧIn most cases, the pollen load has bitterish taste; therefore it is recommended use it in combination with some honey (the amount is not critical – just to taste). Following the usage of pollen load it is not desirable to drink any liquids within further 15-20 minutes.

Taking care of the family, the bees gather the pollen. Having been subjected to the complicated transformations inside beehive combs, it is considered to be the wholesome nourishment for the bees, in particular, for the larvae. In the time of pollen gathering, the bees treat it with jaw glands secretion, wet it by nectar, put it into special pollen baskets (aka corbicula) on the hind legs third pair, and bring it to the beehive in the form of small lumps. Such lumps are called as pollen load. Bee-keepers install the special obstruction (pollen traps) at the beehive inlet, in the time of passing through which, the bees lose the part of such lumps (pollen load).

Pollen contains 15 vitamins:


Please, note that only the pollen contains vitamins of P group — Rutin (Citrine) being in charge of capillary walls strengthening, assisting in increase of resistance to infection.

The pollen load – is a vegetable product containing the series of hormones, biologically active substances of animal (bee) origin. Through the evolution lasting over millions of years, all its biologically active substances have been interbalanced in the form being the most favorable for the life forms. Therefore, it adding to the ration shall be rather appropriate in the time of age-related changes (hormonal decays conditioned by the organism aging and endocrine glands pathologic disturbances), when the differently caused metabolism disorders are revealed.

The pollen – is a powerful strengthening remedy especially favoring the people who recover upon serious diseases and operations, and as well weak and aged people. There is an opinion that it enhances the effect of medicines.

When buying the pollen, always pay attention to its quality and packing. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to identify the pollen’s quality by visual inspection but therefore, pay attention to the following:

  • appearance — the lumps of irregular shape with weight from 5 to 20 mg;
  • consistency — lumpy, friable. The pollen lumps shall be solid and not kneadable by fingers;
  • color — from white to black (mainly, yellow, orange and brown);
  • odor — specific, flavor-like, typical for pollen load. The odor of spoiled albuminous product (rotten eggs) shall be inadmissible;
  • taste — specific, flavor-like, sweetish, sometimes bitterish or sourish.

Shelf life – is not more than one year. The best time for the pollen load purchasing is June and July. Mill it by yourself in coffee grinder and mix with high quality honey at a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2. Then, place it into air-locked dark pots up to 0.25 l vol. Store it within the refrigerator until usage.

The pollen load shall be sucked in mouth as standard fruit drop and as long as possible in order to provide complete digestion through a mouth mucous tunic.