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The most efficient medicines

The most efficient medicines

The people’s aim is not to live as much as possible but not to draw in the life granted by God, thus exhausting the soul and body by diseases. Therefore, besides the spiritual nourishment, the wise people are seeking for wholesome and natural food. And should they seek well, they shall find the honey — the most abundant by its composition natural product containing a few hundred of substances required by our organism, and the life-giving power of which, might not be compared with any sweets in the world. The most of us are convinced that we definitely know everything about the products made by bees: anyone has read; somebody has tried to cure himself. Moreover, the numerous printed mass media publish the recipes of how to use honey, propolis and pollen. However, practically nobody has heard about the beebread (pollen pellet), royal jelly (honey bee secretion), drone larvae’s homogenate, comb capping and dead bees.

The historical facts say:

  • The sound health of Ruthenians in ancient times was conditioned just by regular usage of the honey and the other bee products
  • The Japanese nation was saved from nuclear bombardment consequences by the bee products.

The honey and the other bee products once were the first, foremost and the most efficient medicines for the people, but thereof authority has been undeservingly lost for now. It have been displaced by chemical drugs. Meanwhile, the honey might not be present in domestic medicine chest near the drugs. It shall be placed on the table near to bread, and it shall be eaten every day. And it is then that medicines might not be required. The bee products carry the vast supply of energy – the energy of living plants and sun. They contain all substances required to the people and are known to be the universal natural remedies.

So, what is the proper way of honey usage and taking the cure by it?

The most of us would say: ‘with hot tea!’ — And definitely might be mistaken... Remember that the bee keeping products (honey, pollen, pollen pellet, comb capping, etc.) are known to be better digested by organism and be of the most benefit if they are thoroughly mixed with saliva. They are to be sucked as fruit drop, and as long as possible. Should you swallow or take the hot drink after it, all its medicinal qualities shall be lost! They are digested inside the stomach as usual caloric food and therefore, the anticipated result is not achieved. Not without reason it is said that the bee-keepers are always notable for sound health and longevity. Not only the bee keeping products but also the apiary air is considered to be salubrious. Even the apitoxin has the medicinal qualities and therefore, it is said that the bee stings into unhealthy place.