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About ‘Beeland’

It is necessary to know!

The information about physical body structure of each individual is carried by bee family’s bioenergetic field that permanently receives the information from environment, corrects the vital processes in organisms and transmits the information to the environment, thus communicating with related forms.

It makes favorable effect on the nervous and immunity system of the people, promotes the recovery of proper metabolism.

Our apiary is considered to be the real compact world settled by 150 bee families. Fields around the apiary (total area of 45 hectares) are bedded out with a lot of different melliferous plants. The apiary’s environment, ecologically clean air, bees, bee keeping products and beehive benches enable not only recreation within the atmosphere of complete appeasement and harmony, but also the recovery of strength, health improvement and getting the tremendous supply of positive energy.

The bee keeping products are known to be the concentrated, originally balanced by the nature and 100% natural foodstuffs and remedies.

Different melliferous plants

45 hectares of different
melliferous plants

Double cabins

4 double cabins

Single cabins

4 single cabins

There are four double cabins and four single cabins with beehive benches located within the apiary’s area. Such health improvement is recognized to be rather efficient: smells of the pollen, apitoxin (bee poison), propolis and steady, calming buzzing are being utterly wholesome for health of the people. In order to provide the harmonious and complete health improvement and recreation process, everything is being done here with good intentions, innocent thoughts and through God's grace. Just for this purpose, there is a chapel that provides the visitors with a unique possibility to combine the recreation with spiritual purification and rebirth.

Also there is a Magic Cellar located within the apiary’s area that hospitably opens the door and invites you to taste delicious and cold mead beverages.

Welcome to ‘Beeland’! That is the real natural oasis, the masters of which are harmony, comfort and calmness. Inhale a full breast and feel the aromas of miscellaneous herbs, heady flavor of the honey and propolis being up in air! Grant the sweet and inimitable relaxation to yourself!

Rules of stay in cabins with beehive benches:

  1. 1. Tobacco smoke acts adversely on the bees and therefore, please never smoke in the time of staying at the apiary.
  2. 2. Never use perfumes prior to visit the cabins with beehive benches.
  3. 3. Also never use alcohol as the bees are very sensitive to pungent odors.
  4. 4. Please, remember that the bees are also adversely affected by cell phones.

Thank you for understanding and wish you have a nice rest!