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‘Beeland’ is considered to be a unique place. It is located within the elite recreation center — khutorok ‘Chudodiievo’. It is just here, the beautiful apiary has been spread over this ecologically clean and compact world of nice Polissiia region.

‘Beeland’ provides the possibility for combining of the nature recreation and the unique methods of health improvement based on bees and bee keeping products.

As long ago as in hoary antiquity times our ancestors knew about the positive influence by bees on organism of the people. Neither laboratory is able to create such wholesome products that are received by the people from the bees. Any artificially induced mixtures of the vitamins or the mineral substances should never substitute those ones that offered to us by the nature.

The apiary’s environment and thereof positive energy have made ‘Beeland’ as real natural oasis and the best place for the recreation, health improvement and relaxation.